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Package Plan

Package Plan - If any person or organization has signed a contract with us and wants to take regular online customers, we are currently working through three packages. Anyone can take one of the three packages we have decided on. For the convenience of all, the Package Plan has been divided into three parts which are given below-

Six Month: Learn more
1 year:
Learn more
Learn more

We may visit the links periodically to get a better idea of ​​the above packages. After visiting the above three package links we will understand which package we want to accept at the moment. However, it is mentioned that the Six Month and Yearly packages are deleted after a certain period of time but it continues if the live package is contracted with a client. So we usually recommend - any person or organization to take the live package to get their specific customer on our behalf. If someone accepts the live package from us, he will continue to get customers from us for life and the business will make more profit.

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