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Live Plan

Live Plan - This package is basically for those who want to get direct custom from us all the time. The value of a business target customer is immense we all know. No business without a customer can last long. So, each of us has business customer needs which we can take to improve our business. The specialty of this package is that when someone or an organization is contracted with us, we take all the responsibility for your business. For example, we manage their target customers, we give some advice to those who want to take dental services in a specific city.

In short, we are working directly with any organization or individual-owned dental service to maximize business profits with their target customers. If you get the target customers directly from us, you will definitely improve your business. We try to satisfy the customer including the website design by our skilled staff in case the customer usually likes the eye-catching post or website. You may think- we are by your side as a part or partner of your business. So it's not just your business that is responsible for you. We also have a responsibility to improve your business.

Before accepting this package you must know which payment method you will contract with us and pay us monthly.

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