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How to remove black stains from teeth?

Teeth are a part of beauty. Do we know that how to remove black stains from teeth? Beautiful teeth mean a beautiful smile. And who doesn't want these beautiful teeth? But because of some of our bad habits, beautiful teeth become ugly and dirty. Starting from bleeding from the gums, teeth become black, and so on.

Now we will know - why do teeth turn black and what is the remedy?


Smoking can make teeth black. People who smoke can also have problems with their lips and gums. This smoking addiction can ruin the beauty of laughter. Sometimes a few dark spots appear on the teeth instead of being completely black. These can also be the first signs of oral cancer. That is a point- how to remove black stains from teeth? So if you see any such signs, be careful immediately.

If too much melanin is accumulated

Melanin is a type of ingredient that makes the skin natural and deepens the skin tone. So, if your skin is black, your teeth are light black, not pink. However, if only a few black spots appear on the teeth, you must see a doctor. Because it is not a normal disease.

Using some drugs

Research suggests that certain medications, such as anti-depressants, malaria drugs, and antibiotics, can make teeth black. If you see black spots on your teeth and you are taking any medicine that is making your teeth black, you should tell your doctor about it. And the right advice should be taken.

Due to gingivitis

There is a special disease of the teeth, which is called ulcerative gingivitis. It is a type of infection that can cause gum pain, fever, and bad breath. This infection can cause gum tissue to die. Due to which their color may be black. But, are we know how to remove black stains from teeth? If you have a problem with gingivitis, it is important to treat it as soon as possible. Otherwise, it can make the teeth black forever.

It is often the case that teeth do not shine as much as we care for stains. So what is the solution and how to remove black stains from teeth? According to dental experts, the above rules and some good advice can be the right solution. So, with proper treatment and proper use of dentists, we can keep our valuables safe.


>> Brush your teeth every morning after breakfast, and before going to bed at night. If you brush your teeth only once a day, it must be done before going to bed at night. It is better to brush your teeth for one and a half to two minutes, not more or less.

>> With floss, you can clean the dirt that has accumulated in the cavities of the teeth. After eating any sweet food, chocolate, chewing gum, cake, fast food, you must rinse well with water.

>> You can use mouthwash, but do not use it continuously, after using it for 4/5 days, stop using it again for 4/5 days. Do not use toothpaste that uses excess fluoride for a long time, as it may break your teeth with white spots.

>> Learn how to brush your teeth properly from your dentist. Whether you have a dental problem or not, you should consult a dentist at least twice a year.

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