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Q: 1 What is Health portal US?

Answer: Health portal US is a web portal based on American local business targeted customers platform. Where the customer assembly of any specific city in America. Through this platform, any local trader can take customers directly. Our web portal will support those who want to take customers.

Q: 2 How does the health portal improve US local business?

Answer: Health portal in the US is an online customer-based platform. People who join here get their specific customers directly. The health portal targets a business for each city in the US and refers everyone who comes to this portal through Google search to a specific business organization. As a result, the organization gets its target customers directly and the business continues to improve day by day.

Q: 3 The client does not need any website if contracted with the health portal US!

Answer: If you have an agreement with us, even if you don't have a website. This is because since the customer comes directly to our web portal through Google search and we send them to the client's address. In this case, only the full address and mobile number of the client are required. Therefore, it is not mandatory for any client to have a web portal. However, if a client has a virtual web address, we send a link directly to the targeted customers on its website. We make arrangements so that any person or organization contracted with us can take the customer directly. Everyone can trust us in this matter.

Q: 4 Want to know in detail what kind of benefits a client can get by taking this service?

Answer: The current era is the online era that we all know. Currently, any specific customer in America would like to get the service through Google search. When a person searches on Google to get a specific customer service, he must want to take that customer service. We're targeting a business for every city in America. When we work with a city in the United States, we notice a business Google search volume targeted at that city and start working with that volume. We deal with what most people search for in a city. When people search Google to get full, we create all the techniques on the site so that they can come to my website. Then we send those customers who sign the contract with us through a special link to their web portal or to a specific address or mobile number. In this way, a businessman makes extra profit by getting extra customers from us. Resulting in more business profits than its predecessor. And this is how a client gets special benefits from us.

Q: 5 I want to know the details about the Health portal US service package

Answer: For the convenience of everyone, we will discuss in detail the package of this service. The service is basically divided into three parts which are given below-

We can find out the details of the above three services through specific links

Q: 6 I would like to gain more knowledge about all aspects of this service

Answer: To know more about all aspects of this service, we need to go Local Business here. Here is an idea of what the service is, how to take it, how we can benefit from it, and all the things.

Q: 7 When is the client eligible to take the package for a specific city in America?

Answer: We usually work with many keywords for each city in America. Most of the keywords have a search volume of people in that city, which means that those who want to take the service search on Google. We work with those keywords first, and when our specific post page comes up in the search volume of people, we offer people in this city who do business related to these keywords to join us and further improve the business. Then when a person or organization joins us, we send the specific customers of that organization through a special link. And that's how we work with our clients.

Q: 8 How do we contract to take this service?

Answer: You must notify us when you enter into an agreement with us to take this service. We have three package programs here from which you can take anyone. At the time of signing the contract, you must be sure which package you want to accept. You will then be given an online form that you will fill out. For the first seven days after signing the contract, you will get your desired customer to enter your site or your organization through free service. Then according to our condition, you will send regular monthly money from one week onwards. You will send money every month in proportion to how your package is related. And that's how we'll deal with you.

Q: 9 How many package programs are there to avail of this service?

Answer: We have three package programs scheduled for this service. You can take any one of the three package programs. The three packages are as follows:

Q: 10 Is this service offered to a client or organization for an American city? Or is it given to more than one client or organization for a city?

Answer: This service is targeted at an organization for an American city. This service will no longer be offered to any organization or client in the city of the United States to which it will be provided. As a result, only one organization or client in that city will be able to enjoy this opportunity. Therefore, the organization or client that has contracted with us earlier cannot be contracted by any other organization or client later.

Q: 11 How to contact an organization/client to avail of the service?

Answer: In order to avail of the service, an organization/client needs to contact us through our specified contact Gmail ID. Or, the client can accept the package by filling out an online form related to the one he/she is willing to take. If a client is interested in receiving a package via Gmail, details of the package must be provided. For example, whatever he/she wants to take in three packages. The Gmail ID to communicate with is given below-

  • Fill Up Online Form: Click here
  • Or, Contact Gmail: healthportalus@gmail.com

Q: 12 How much will it cost for any organization/client to avail of this service?

Answer: We usually Charge $10 per day Or $300 per month from any organization or client. Through this, all the clients or organizations that are associated with us get their desired customer or patient.

Q: 13 How to pay the service charge after taking the service by any organization or client?

Answer: When an organization or client takes the service, we will inform that organization or client how will pay the service charge. For this, we will provide them the bank account number or bank email id through which they can easily pay our service charge. Of course, we will suggest payment methods that are generally suitable for the USA platform and can easily pay the service charge.

Q: 14 What are the payment systems for paying service charges?

Answer: Service charge payment systems are available-

  1. >> PayPal
  2. >> Payoneer
  3. >> Bank Wire

Q: 15 When I take one of the three prescribed packages, I want to know the details about the tasks that I have to do in a row. The series description seems to be very helpful to me in taking this package.

Answer: When you receive one of the three prescribed packages, first fill up the package online form. You will then be given a message from us detailing everything. We will notify you of the steps that you must take to obtain a package.

Q: 16 How long can a company/client take the service once contracted?

Answer: Once contracted, an organization/client can accept this package for as long as he wants. However, since we have three package programs scheduled, the durability of the package will depend on the package the client wants to accept. Generally, those who want to do business with a long-term plan must accept the long-term package.

Q: 17 If an organization/client wants to take service for their city, can they take it? Keywords for that city have not been worked on yet.

Answer: Of course, you can! Why not. Many of the cities we've already started working on have been or are being contracted with us. However, if the client or owner of an organization in a city we have not yet started working with is interested in working with us, we will definitely work with their city. So, you notice this page and sign with us.

Q: 18 Q-Is there a free trial for any organization/client? From this, he will be able to test how the business will improve after taking this service.

Answer: Of course, there is a free trial for each client. To find out more about this we can go to the "Free Customer" page. Here are the details of the free trial that a client or owner of the organization can understand well.

Q: 19 How will any organization/client get support after taking this service?

Answer: When an organization/client signs a contract with us, we will apply all the techniques to improve this business. For example, first there will be a post specifically for each organization/client that is more content optimized. From this post, the desired customers/visitors will enter the specific post page through organic search. Then we will send that customer/visitor to our client's page or their address through a special link.

Also, we will have an online support team. The job of the support team (FB Page) is to send all the customers/visitors to our client's page when they want to take the service to a specific location. And in this way, we will continue to support all the organizations or clients that will be contracted with us.

Q: 20 Which organization/client will contact which media to get support?

Answer: The answers to the above questions must ensure that all support and regulations are in place. Then our regular supporters are as follows-

  • ## Message Team
  • ## Email- healthportalus@gmail.com

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