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How can I protect myself from the Novel Coronavirus?

At the critical moment of the coronavirus, when the world is completely paralyzed, there is unrest in the minds of all people. Ensuring the health care of every human being at this moment is very challenging for any country and the government of that country alone. In this situation, various NGOs and other important health care organizations are working with the government. If I am not mistaken, no specific vaccine or medicine has yet been discovered to eradicate this epidemic virus. The vaccines that are being given to people in different parts of the world are mainly to boost the body's immunity - so that a person can protect himself from the deadly coronavirus by gaining physical fitness after receiving the vaccine. Only when a person's immune system is weakened can hard viruses, such as the coronavirus, become infected. Therefore, until a specific vaccine to destroy the coronavirus is discovered, it is necessary to take various vaccines and preventive medicines to increase the immunity of the human body.

Take appropriate training

Already under the auspices of various health departments around the world, the United States-based organization USAID, Japan's JICA, and even the World Health Organization (WHO) have started special COVID-19 preventive pre-treatment and counseling-based special courses. These special courses are very effective for a physician who is able to provide better treatment to the general public. Here's how to put one together for use with your course. It is also said that to increase your body's immunity, you should not only rely on drugs but also take foods that increase immunity. So, considering the overall aspect, it seems that we must develop the body's immunity to stay healthy and protect against the epidemic coronavirus. Also, if we want to heal ourselves through physical exertion, it is very beneficial for all of us.

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Coronavirus disease research

I'm Dr. Mizanur Rahman lives in South Asian Bangladesh. Most of the people in this region are poor and make a living through hard work. I have been studying coronavirus pathology and its control for the last one and a half years. After studying for a long time, I realized that we still have a long way to go before this deadly coronavirus can be eradicated. Maybe after a certain period of time, this deadly virus will destroy itself. But until then, our advance preparation is essential if we are to survive and keep ourselves safe. So far, the vaccines that are being given to people under government management in any country of the world are definitely very valuable for the human body. For those who have already been vaccinated and who have not yet been vaccinated, we must work hard to increase immunity, get moderate fruit intake, get the right vitamins, and get every organ in the body moving. I hope that a person will be able to protect himself more.

Why do people get infected with different diseases?

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Needless to say, there are many systems working in our body through which we acquire physical energy every day and with that energy, we perform our functions. Foods that we normally eat may contain moderate amounts of vitamins and minerals, so in order to increase the body's resistance to disease at this time of epidemic, we must take moderate food, mineral intake, vitamin intake, and various body parts. Who needs exercise to keep moving constantly? When these are removed from our body, hard germs like coronavirus easily enter the body and do us a lot of harm. Even from it is our death. So, from now on it is very important for us to get a proper diet along with getting a coronavirus vaccine.

The last thing about the coronavirus-

To survive COVID-19, we must take government-prescribed vaccines as well as protect ourselves through nutritious food. This task is certainly very challenging and arduous for us alone. So if this awareness can be increased through individuals or any organization then the health of the common man will improve a lot. We can accept it from anyone or report it to any government department. Everyone's efforts and integrated inspiration will definitely benefit us.

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